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Humanity's gifts comprise both heart and intellect, with which we transform our choices into actions and
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About Dania Akeel

My name is Dania Akeel, and I’m from Saudi Arabia. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in “Modern History and Politics” from the Royal Holloway University of London in the UK, then moved to complete a Master’s degree in “International Business” at Hult International Business School before moving into the field of consulting. 

I am a passionate motorsports athlete. I received the first Saudi female license for Motorcycle Circuit Racing and participated in my first motorcycle racing season for the Ducati Cup in the UAE National Sportsbike Superseries 2019/2020 season. I performed well and got awarded the trophy for ‘Rookie of the Year.’ 

I also raced in the BMR600 Championship in Bahrain. Before the end of the year, I had an accident on the track, which gave me time to reflect on my life. I decided to write down my findings and share them with others. They have been published into a book under the title “Freefall” at a publishing house in Saudi (Kaaph). The book includes perspectives of some experiences I’ve had and is written in the form of short stories, all of which are true.

After my recovery, I moved into the rally racing world, where I became the first Saudi female to participate in an International Rally Competition. I completed two rounds of the FIA Cross-Country Bajas World Cup, finishing 1st in the T3 Category and 8th overall in both races.

What i do

Motivational Speaker

I have been lucky to speak about my journey and experience in Motorsports as the first Saudi female to receive a Speedbike circuit-racing license. Audiences have included the workforce of companies who have sponsored me.


I was fortunate to work with Motorsports Network during the Dakar 2021 as the Co-Host of the Opening Ceremony and the Closing Ceremony, which took place in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Motorsport Athlete

Winner of the ‘Rookie of the Year’ trophy during my first motorcycle racing season – Ducati Cup in the UAE National Sportsbike Superseries 2019/2020 season and raced in the BMR600 Championship Bahrain I raced in the FIA Cross Country Bajas World Cup 2021.



‘Freefall’ is a collection of short stories of Dania’s own experiences and are candidly voiced through her heart’s lens.

The chapters begin with Dania’s travels and will take the reader from the breathtaking views of the Himalayan mountains to the farthest northern borders of the Artic Circle, before journeying south to spend a short while on the quiet shores of Sri Lanka. 

The chapters then turn inward, where we hear of Dania’s early schooling days and follow her into the beginnings of her professional life, while uncovering the lessons she gained from every stage. Dania then invites us into the world of racing and introduces us to the feeling of travelling at high speeds on two wheels of a superbike. Although its risks are exposed when an accident on the racetrack occurs and Dania recounts the journey of her recovery. Finally, we arrive at the most delicate pieces of Dania’s tale by coming to know her relationship with self, and how it developed over the course of her upbringing and into adulthood.

Dania ends the book with an open door as to what may come, allowing her identity to remain unbound, in order for life to offer the endless gifts that arrive with the promise of the unknown. 

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